Science Report – January 14th

Crew 219 Research Report 14-JAN-20
Crew Science Officer: Hannah Blackburn

1. Biometrics and Neurobehavioral Research

We continued taking sleep logs and post-EVA biometrics and surveys.

2. UAV

The UAV was damaged during transport to MDRS. It has not been a
priority until now for our engineer due to other maintenance tasks.
After some fault isolation, we determined that motors 3 and 4 are not
working because they aren’t receiving power from the flight control

3. Dust Mitigation for Optical Mirrors

Cotton swab and cotton ball technique tested on mirrors.

4. Astrophotography of Celestial Bodies

See Astronomy Report.

5. Remediation of Mars Regolith

Nothing to report.

6. Chemical and Mineralogical Composition of the MDRS Site

Samples were dried in the oven using glass beakers. Additional samples
collected during EVA 14.

7. Protocols for the Discovery of Life on Mars

Lichen samples photographed under microscope. Additional samples
collected during EVA 14.

Glassware check out:

10 glass beakers (sizes between 200 and 500 ml) were used to dry
regolith samples.

A reminder to all crewmembers: There’s a $300 fine for using any
glassware material without MDRS Mission support permission.

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