Commander Report – January 26th

Summary Title: Sunday’s Trinity

Author’s name: Connie Delisle, Commander
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary: Along with transfer for personnel this morning came the transfer of Command of MDRS Station from Commander Shawna to Commander Connie; and at MAU, from Commander John to Commander Shawna. This first-ever MAU-MDRS Station-to-Station Mission purposefully includes command transfers to test differences between governance (leadership models). Several of the MDRS Crew will have coordinated three “departures” by the end of this day: Several Crew were quarantined; a joint MAU-MDRS EVA was done to the MAU Station using the Rovers (Spirit and Curiosity); and a return of the MAU Crew to its Station. We are finding synergy in “threes”. The morning activities at MRDS Station included medical training for non-medical professionals. The informative, hands on training session was co-presented by Dr. Johannes Svenszoy and MD Dr. Shawna Pandya, MD. The first training block covered the procedure for applying the METHANE procedure:[Major Incident, Exact Location, Type of incident, Hazards involved, Access to Site Number of Causalities, and Emergency Services Needed]. This session was followed by Dr’s Pandya and Svensoy reviewing the procedure for conducting P-MARCH-P [Patient, Personnel, Permission, Personal Protective Gear; Massive Hemorrhage and C-Spine; Airway; Respirations; Circulation and Head/Hypothermia. After lunch the Doctors resumed the training session, reviewing CPR and bagging (resuscitation) procedures inclusive of hands on practice using the technique.

Team lead Commander Shawna managed gracefully through some communications technology issues at the start of the afternoon EVA to the MAU station. Keeping safety first, the Crew successfully completed the EVA, capturing photos and returned to MDRS at 17:45. Dr. Pandya then completed the EVA wellness study which entails collecting biometrics data.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow’s morning and afternoon Medical EVAs will consist of testing an innovation entitled the “Golden Bubble”. The Bubble is a prototype of a first-of-its kind pressured Medivac transport System.
Anomalies in work: NA
Weather: -3C low / 3C max, 0C average, 40% chance of precipitation tomorrow
Crew Physical Status: Excellent mental focus, with positive feedback about the high quality medical training sessions.
EVA: 1 AM MDRS – MAU joint EVA performed today as above

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