Sol Summary – January 26th

MAU Crew 220

MDRS Crew 220 Sol 7 Summary 26Jan2020

Summary Title: Olympus MAUns Approacheth
Author’s name: Shawna Pandya, Commander
Mission Status: MAUminal
Sol Activity Summary: The day began with a skeleton crew, as several members are in quarantine as part of our simulation, so we are down to 6 between MAU-MDRS station, and look forward to working, growing and bonding together as a small group over the next few sols. We spent the morning going over additional medical drills and training in anticipation of our medical EVAs over the next few sols. Later on, Commander Pandya and XO Svensoy moved out to MAU station to take command of operations there, while acting Commander Delisle stepped up to run the MDRS operations. The days ahead will be full, and we all look forward to them. Our sol tonight will end with a "Grand Rounds" academic activity wherein one of our officers will teach the crew about an area of their passion, along with a crew round-table discussion of emergency and medical kit planning – and a little fun and bonding, of course.
Look ahead plan: Tomorrow, the crew will put their medical learning and drilling into practice over the course of a morning recap session, followed by two medical EVAs in front of the hab to simulate these skills in an EVA setting.
Weather: -3C low / 2C max, 0C average, 40% chance of precipitation tomorrow
Crew Physical Status: Starry-eyed, nominal
EVA: 1 PM EVA as old MDRS crew moved to MAU station
Reports to be filed:
Sol Summary
Commander’s Report (sent)
Ops/Engineering Report
GreenHab Report
Photo Report
EVA Request: To be submitted.
Support Requested: Just moral support, please.

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