Greenhab Report – January 27th


 Crew 220 GreenHab Report 27-JAN-2020 

GreenHab Officers: Marufa Bhuiyan and Morgan Kainu

Environmental control: Heating. GreenHab door shade cloth (40%) (30%) on.

Average temperatures: 20.5°C


Floor Unit: 17 °C


Floor Unit: 24 °C


Floor Unit: 24 °C


Floor Unit: 17 °C

Hours of supplemental light: 19:30 to 00:00

Daily water usage for crops: 12.7 gallons

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: NA

Water in Blue Tank 150.34 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops: 2



Changes to crops: Snow pea plants disposed (four plants); cucumber plant (one) is dying – permission to dispose.

Narrative: Crops are continuing to do well and thriving.

Harvest: 3g cilantro, 2g lettuce, 2g basil, 10g chard spinach, 0.5g lemon balm, 0.3g chives, 21g icicle radish, 22g butter crunch, 5g sage

Support/supplies needed: It would be awesome to have a small disposal unit for organic waste as well as a washing sink to rinse hands, freshly picked herbs, and vegetables.

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