Sol Summary – January 27th


MAU Crew 220 Sol 8 Summary 27Jan2020

Summary Title: Skills and Drills and SiMAUlated Fractures Oh My!
Author’s name: Shawna Pandya, Commander
Mission Status: Nominally windy
Sol Activity Summary: The MAU and MDRS rendezvoused for a day of medical drilling, skilling and practical application. In the morning, the two physicians on the crew reviewed previously learned skills, and then also taught the crew about additional triage and assessment skills. These skills were then tested in simulated trauma scenarios on EVA in front of the hab. Most excitingly, these EVAs saw the first deployment of the Golden Bubble pressurized transport device in the field, which was successful, and provided many useful data points going forward. In other news, it was a windy day on Mars, necessitating two Engineering EVAs at MAU station to safely secure the base against the elements.
Look Ahead Plan: The crew looks forward to a day full of geological science and exploration tomorrow!

Weather: -6C low tonight with light winds at 12kph / 0% chance of precipitation tonight & tomorrow
Crew Physical Status: MEDucated
EVA: AM & PM medical EVAs drilling trauma scenarios in front of the MDRS Hab
Reports to be filed:
Sol Summary (sent)
Commander's Report (sent)
EVA Report
Operations Report
GreenHab Report
Photo Report
Science Report
EVA Request: Pending.
Support Requested: MAUral support please!

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