Sol Summary – January 28th

MAU Crew 220

MAU Crew 220 Sol 9 Summary 28Jan2020

Summary Title: Sol 9 and Feeling Fine
Author’s name: Shawna Pandya, Commander
Mission Status: Rockminal
Sol Activity Summary: Today was geological science day! The morning started with a brief by the MDRS Science Officer on soil sampling techniques, followed by a geological EVA over 2 sites (Kissing Camel and North Ridge) and sample return. In the afternoon, the crew analyzed their samples using standard geological evaluation techniques and also under a microscope.
Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow will be an operational and maintenance day around the MAU Station as the Engineer returns and the crew undertakes general upkeep activities. Tonight also marks the commencement of the MAU Ambassador Program, with the arrival of a visiting MDRS Officer.
Weather: Approximately -4C at night, max 5C during day until Saturday, minimal chance of precipitation (20%).
Crew Physical Status: MAUminal
EVA: Geological EVA conducted over two sites (Kissing Camel & North Ridge), 5 soil samples returned.
Reports to be filed:
Sol Summary (sent)
Commander’s Report
EVA Report
Operations Report
Photo Report
EVA Request: Pending.
Support Requested: None at this time.

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