Commander Report – January 29th

Crew 220 (MAU) Commander’s Report 29Jan2020

Author: Shawna Pandya, Commander

Title: Some Sol-Searching…

We had an extremely productive day at MAU today. We hosted our first-ever MDRS Ambassador, MDRS Science Officer Kainu, overnight at MAU as our first-ever guest, and had a delightful exchange of ideas and competencies. All in all, I would call this first exchange a success, and am keen to continue to host ambassadors during the rest of the mission to continue the exchange of skills, competencies, and cultural aspects of the two stations.

On the operations and upkeep side, the MDRS and MAU Crew Engineers whipped up some Mars-gic and reinforced our power grid with our online and back-up power systems. The MAU Engineer reinforced the structural integrity of the station, while the MDRS Engineer worked on establishing a wireless station-to-station data link, and will continue to do so over the next ensuing Sols. The MAU Crew as a whole came together to reinforce the station flooring, reorganize the station, and scrub it down. It was hard work, but incredibly rewarding to see our station shine from our labours!

The day ended with a MAU exploratory EVA to Cowboy Corner, a special little part of Mars that affords views of dazzling expanses of marbled reds, whites and greys that rise to meet the eye to show off their grandeur in full force. Not many humans are privy to such a grand yet secret spectacle, and we are indeed privileged to count ourselves amongst them.

The Sols, they wind down now, and we will make the most of every last Martian minute.

Until my next communication,

Commander Pandya
Callsign: Nightowl
MAU Station

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