Sol Summary – January 29th

Crew 220 (MDRS) Sol Summary 29Jan2020

Sol: 10

Summary Title: Sweet Homeostasis

Author’s name: Connie Delisle

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: The Crew rose at 08:00 to a cloudy sky with very light snow. Into mid-morning Mother Nature decided to bless us with high cloud and sun. MDRS again served as a relay point to MAU to communicate with the MAU Director. However, XO Wise has made good progress today in setting up a test WIFI connection which is part of the objectives set during this mission. The remaining Crew at MDRS, myself and astronomy researcher Marufa Akhter Bhuiyan thoroughly cleaned and organized the lower deck – floor, walls, airlocks, bathroom, cabinets. A safe, orderly homebase not only helps avoid accidents – it creates a sense of ownership and in becoming a home we could be forever living here on Mars if we didn’t have to return to Earth.

The MDRS Crew stayed close to home today to work in the GreenHab, planting radishes and romain lettuce. MDRS also served as HabComm to support the MAU Crew who participated in a 3-hour EVA focused on exploration and scouting. From a Raven’s eye view, the Team Leader remarked that “he felt part of the landscape of Mars”. The rolling red hills and blue sky was a remarkable backdrop to explore the soil, rocks and outcroppings.

Look Ahead Plan: Sol 11 includes an AM and PM EVA. These experiences aim to reinforce the medical training already received and introduce Search and Rescue (SAR). On Mars, medical emergencies may occur in the Hab or on EVA. The MAU-MDRS Crew testing and training is fundamental to establish a baseline understanding of the medical challenges in using “Earth” patient assessment protocols, conventional SAR equipment and applying operational protocols for recovery. All this hard work is for the purpose of innovating medical equipment, training and processes to improve the safety of security of astronauts on Mars.

Yesterday was a milestone in submitting reports before the CapComm window closure yesterday and to receive such positive comments on the photos. The Crew has done a great job on progressively becoming more organized, creating time and space to spend time on reports, science and to reflect on life on MARS. As this is my last night as Commander at MDRS, I am happy to transfer to Commander Hanacek, a station that I feel is well taken care of and appreciated.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Approximately -6C at night, max 3C during the day tomorrow; probability of precipitation is less than 20%.

Crew Physical Status: All the Crew is good health, bolstered after a good night’s sleep.

EVA: One morning and one in the afternoon.

Reports to be filed:

Journalist Report

Sol Summary

Photo Report
Operations Report
GreenHab Report

Support Requested: Revised request for two not four fluorescent bulbs for the lower deck. The engineer found two bulbs on the lower deck and has installed them.

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