Sol Summary – January 31st

Crew 220 (MAU) Sol 12 Summary 31Jan2020

Summary Title: Sol long, Marswell
Author’s name: Shawna Pandya, Commander
Mission Status: Winding down… (already?!)
Sol Activity Summary: Today is our last Sol at MAU station, and we made the most of it! The Sol started with MAU Station hosting MDRS Engineer Wise as its Ambassador, yielding a fruitful and productive exchange regarding mission and engineering operations and logistics. Next, both MAU and MDRS stations conducted a a joint medical EVA exercise which tested the EVA team’s search-and-rescue, medical assessment and evacuation capabilities. The team shone and performed admirably amidst a complex situation! The afternoon was rounded out with check out cleaning, inventorying, report-writing and wrap-up activities, leaving the evening free for the crew to enjoy each other’s company one last time amidst art and Indian food. Sol long, Mars! You’ve been good to us.
Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow, we return to Earth!
Anomalies in work: None
Weather: -6C low / 5C max, 0C average.
Crew Physical Status: MAUtacular
EVA: Successful search-and-rescue, medical triage and evacuation mission accomplished today in a joint exercise with MAU.
Reports to be filed:
Sol Summary
Commander’s Report
Photo Report
Operations Report
EVA Report
EVA Request: None
Support Requested: Commander requesting a half-sweet almond milk mocha with an extra shot of espresso pretty please

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