Commander Report – February 1st

Crew 220 (MAU) Commander’s Report 1Feb2020

Author: Shawna Pandya, Commander

Title: Sol long…and thanks for all the fish!

Sol 13. Out of simulation, back on “Earth.” Practically, this meant that we awoke with the monumental twin tasks of MAU and MDRS teardown and checkout, particuarly mindful of the ever-present mud threatening to slow us down at MAU Station. With the right crew however…anything is possible.

Fortunately for us, fate smiled upon us on MAU teardown day as we were met with warmth and sunshine, allowing for respite from the never-ending barrage of mud that had dogged us and MAU station throughout the mission, and allowing us to dry our gear in the sun prior to stowage.

As one coordinated unit, we completed teardown by early afternoon, and retired to MDRS to complete checkout, write reports and make some final memories. We also greeted our successors, Crew 221, and were delighted to see that they are just as diverse as we in terms of disciplines and nationalities. We spent time briefing them on our lessons learned, and seeing how keen they are, know that the station is in good hands.

A crewmate yesterday quipped that to go to outerspace, you must prepare your innerspace, that has been particularly true here on Mars. We were able to achieve as much as we have this mission because we stepped up, each and every one of us, every single Sol. We constantly looked for ways to make our mission and ourselves better. We looked for things to do and gaps to fill in. We never said “that’s not my job” and put our mission first. I can honestly say that the bonds forged here are but seeds sown for future missions and adventure – on Mars and elsewhere.

Mars – you asked us to give whatever it takes, and this Crew has, with everything we have. To my crew – thank you for teaching me and growing with me. It was the honor of a lifetime to have led you all.

Final transmission,

Commander Pandya
Callsign: Nightowl
MAU Station, Crew 220
Over and out

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