Sol Summary – February 1st

Crew 220 (MDRS) Sol Summary 01Feb2020

Sol: 13

Summary Title: HabComm this is MDRS – Over

Author’s name: Connie Delisle, PhD

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: The MDRS-MAU crews woke up at 08:00 and began for their Mars departure. The signature red sky gave reluctantly gave way to a light blue as the sun began to glow. The morning ritual of sky-gazing and sipping coffee will remain a cherished memory of Mars. The Crew was treated to a pancake breakfast by Crew Engineer Wise. Following the meal, Commander Hanacek delegated Crew members to station clean up – MDRS lower deck, upper deck, airlocks and stair, the RAM, and the Science Dome. We were fortunate that MAU Crew Engineer Roberts cleaned Spirit and Curiosity rovers – scrubbing off the red mud by hand. We really appreciated that he took this on knowing he had to depart for Earth later that day. The MAU Crew was joined by a few of the MDRS Crew members for the better part of the afternoon to take down the MAU Station which is a series of portable structures – airlock, living quarters, crew activity / meal, and cooking area. Due to cycles of Mars soil freezing and thawing, the station required a great deal of regular maintenance and engineering support. We are grateful we are resourceful! Marufa Bhuiyan, MSc. and International Astrology Researcher joined me in cleaning the upper deck. The arrival of a beautiful new gas stove was a highlight for me as I was preparing to make pizza with the herbs form the Green Hab for a late lunch. As part of a multi-tasking habit from Earth, I let lunch preparation sit and accompanied the MDRS Assistant Director on the check-out walk through. I am pleased to report that the Station is ship shape. The rest of the afternoon was focused on packing up the MAU station into the UHaul, writing reports and completing science research studies.

Look Ahead Plan: This evening activities includes finishing reports, briefing the incoming crew and going to town for shared meal. The entire MDRS-MAU 220 Crew will depart will tomorrow at 04:00 to the Grand Junction Airport and other points on Earth.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Tonight, the temperature is predicted to be 0 degrees Celsius, falling to -8 overnight and rising to a daytime high of 2 degrees Celsius tomorrow. No perception predicted.

Crew Physical Status: All the Crew is in good health. Some are excited to return to Earth. For myself, I will never fully return there. It’s too important to let the space created to lapse into the blue.

EVA: None planned.

Reports to be filed:

Commander Report

Sol Summary
Photo Report
Operations Report
GreenHab Report

Support Requested: None. Thank you infinitely!

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