EVA Report #2 – February 3rd

Crew 221 EVA Report 03-02-2020

EVA # 2

Author: Jessica Todd (GreenHab Officer)

Purpose of EVA: The primary purpose was exploration of the immediate environment around the Hab for sites of potential geological interest and familiarity with EVA equipment for the crew members. EVA crew members also practiced proper protocols for collection of geological samples.

Start time: 14:05

End time: 15:14

Narrative: This was the first Martian EVA for two of our crew members, with the EVA led by one of our veteran MDRS astronauts. Setup was a little faster than our morning EVA, we were now a well-rehearsed team! We set off at 14:05, headed for Quarry Road along Entrance Road. We cut across country once we reached Quarry Road, headed over to the white outcroppings of Marble Ritual, and took some samples of the white powdery rocks that we will analyze back in the Science Hab. We collected several samples around the Marble Ritual area of varying rock types, practicing our field geology techniques with a rock hammer and shovel, and cataloging the various sample sites. We found some interesting rocks with a greenish hue which we look forward to analyzing back in the lab. Potential for life perhaps? Around 40 minutes into the EVA the wind started to pick up considerably, so our EVA lead made the decision to head back to the Hab early.

Destination: Marble Ritual via Quarry Road.

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 518750/4250900

Participants: Jessica Todd (GreenHab Officer), Hemani Kalucha (Journalist) and Ghanim Aloitabi (Astronomer)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Entrance Road and then North on Quarry Road

Mode of travel: Walking

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