Sol Summary – February 5th


Summary Title: Martian Exploration finding traces of Life

Author’s name: Maria Grulich, M.Sc.

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Update after last sol summary: crew 221 Earth2Mars had their first sport session, meditation session and cultural night on Mars. The GreenHab Officer J.Todd made the team sweat for 30min using the distilled water containers as weight. Afterwards the team enjoyed their first meditation session, taking a moment to breath and slowdown in our busy day. Following this, the crew astronomer G. Alotaibi and HSO R. Alshammari took the crew to the middle east (Kuwait), explaining traditions and how to dress in the desert using ghutra and ougal that are traditionally used for men. L. Monge then successfully dressed himself Kuwaiti style, based on what we learnt! The team learned a lot and it was just supposed to be a 10 min activity which lasted for hours. R.Alshammari wrote all the crew names in Arabic and we got a lesson on how to count in Arabic using hindi alphabet, which was interesting as the Western World uses Arabic letters. The cultural night finished with an unexpected visit of a small mouse-looking-Martian, which we will try to catch alive in the coming days to release in the wild.

The whole day of Sol 3 was allocated to exploring the Martian surface for traces of life as well as taking samples to grow plants in the Martian soil. EVA team one with M.Grulich, L.Monge, J. Todd took out the rovers to the Moons, searching for traces of water. During the EVA, they found what looks like water channels and saw bubbles in the soil which can be an indicator for microbes’ activities which made the team very excited. Back in the hab, the first microbiology samples were put on petri dishes to be cultivated in the incubator.The EVA 2 team went up towards North Ridge taking also small samples to be tested if bacteria can be grown.

Tonight we are having Mexican wraps and sport session with HSO R. Alshammari.

Look Ahead Plan: Sport Session, Processing of EVA samples and planting black corn and sprouting mung beans, start to build rover

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: sunny no winds

Crew Physical Status: A few crew members experiencing signs of sore throats.

EVA: Morning 09:35AM-12:30 PM

EVA: Afternoon 02:10PM-03:10PM

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