Journalist Report – February 06th

Crew 221 Journalist Report 06Feb2020

Author: Hemani Kalucha, Crew Journalist

Sol 4

Title: A day of science!

This morning, we were awoken by our wonderful commander making pancakes and serving the last of the fresh fruit – bananas. Energized by this meal, the crew divided into teams of three. Luis and Jess planted the black corn seeds in the greenhab using martian soil, collected from the EVA done yesterday. Maria and Rawan spent the whole day growing bacteria in the samples also collected from the EVA done yesterday. One of the samples saw signs of bacteria, which caused lots of excitement and a feeling of success amongst the crew. Hemani and Ghanim started to build the robot. After a fun team lunch of good conversation and two-minute Ramen, the teams switched around, and the all girl engineering team (Hemani, Maria, Jess) put together the robotic arm! It started to get cold in the RAM, so the Crew Engineer didn’t have time to get his moisture sensor fully working, but all in all, much progress was made on all fronts. The mini missions made the hours go by a little faster, since the lack of internet and space, usually makes the day feel long and slow. Tonight will be another fun filled evening with sports, meditation, and another crewmember’s cultural exploration.

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