Journalist Report – February 9th

Crew 221 Journalist Report 09Feb2020

Author: Hemani Kalucha, Crew Journalist

Sol 4

Title: A little bit of rest

Yesterday evening, we had another amazing cultural night. We learned so much about Costa Rica and found it is such an impressive country. It voluntarily gave up its army in 1948, it has a literacy rate of 97%, and it currently runs on 98% renewable energy. We’ve now decided to have a reunion in Costa Rica next year, especially because of the incredibly yummy food Crew Engineer Luis prepared last night. We also got the chance to try a rare Costa Rican delicacy, the core of a palm tree! This morning, Crew Journalist Hemani made cheesy scrambled eggs for the crew. The crew was served a second luxurious round of coffee and also finally ate the cookies Crew 219 gifted to us as a treat. It was a morning of deliciousness. After an afternoon of great conversation, the crew got busy with planning our EVA experiments and preparing new microbiology samples. In particular, Crew GHO Jessica is trying to plan EVAs for rover operations testing and emergency response testing. She is also trying to use previously published parameters to test EVA success on our EVA operations to compare the results. Tonight, we are all very excited to do the combined Zumba and Salsa sports session prepared by the Commander and Engineer.

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