Sol Summary – February 9th

Crew 221 Sol Summary Report 09Feb-2020


Summary Title:

Author’s name: Maria Grulich, M.Sc.

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Update since last Sol summary: The crew had a lovely cultural night of Costa Rica with crew engineer L. Monge. The food he prepared was delicious and he even brought everyone a traditional hat and scarf from his country. The team learned a lot and is planning on a team meeting in Costa Rica once we return to Earth one day.

Today the crew is half way through rotation and therefore took the liberty to sleep one hour more and started its day with delicious scrambled eggs prepared by crew journalist H. Kalucha.

After breakfast, the team sat together, reviewing their performance of the first week. We discussed what we enjoyed and what the team can improve on, which resulted in a 2 hours cleaning activity before each member focused on their science projects.

The microbiology team made great progress, preparing 5 new samples and taking samples from stones directly to see if more bacteria is growing. Most of the samples the team prepared showed growth of bacteria.

Crew engineer L. Monge made good progress on his antenna project, which shall be installed in the field the coming weeks. The crew astronomer G. Alotaibi is still not satisfied with his images and will keep working on it.

As part of the team feels unwell, crew 221 was not on their best performance today and hopes that it will make better progress over the next few days and also should start to do videos for outreach.

Look Ahead Plan: Sports Session, Meditation Session, Planning of Operation EVAs, last microbiology sample collection

Anomalies in work: None

Update mouse in hab: still no joy in catching it.

Weather: cloudy during the day, partially cloudy during the evening light winds

Crew Physical Status: two crew members showing signs of the flu, one crew member injured knee

Reports to be filed:

Sol Summary

Photo Report

Operations Report

GreenHab Report

Science Report

Astronomy Report

EVA Request

Support Requested: Olive Oil, distilled white vinegar

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