Sol Summary – February 12th

Crew 221 Sol Summary Report 12Feb-2020


Summary Title: Robot vs Human

Author’s name: Maria Grulich, M.Sc.

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Update since last Sol summary: The crew finally managed to have one games night which made everyone happy. Still in the wish list – movie night and dance night.

Today we reconvened for breakfast, enjoying good conversations before preparing for our only EVA of the day!

Crew commander M. Grulich, Crew Journalist H. Kalucha and Crew Greenhab Officer J. Todd went out for an EVA to install the antenna of the crew engineer.

The antenna was installed in two different places without an issue showing that such an antenna could be deployed on Mars! On the way back, the EVA team lost Fuzz, our mascot, and had to go back and rescue him! He feels like a real team member right now and the crew was scared for a second and was glad when he was found again. The team also recorded some shoots for a dance video on the EVA that was also continued in the hab: stay tuned!

After the EVA the team took a little break before heading into the robot project which needed an operation on its heart, since the raspberry pi seemed to not have been configured appropriately. The robot had to be disassembled partially to reach the LAN cable which tested the patience of Crew Journalist, the crew commander and Crew Greenhab officer. After almost giving up and letting the robot win, Crew Engineer L. Monge came to the rescue with his external monitor and keyboard as the issue was that the country and wifi was not configured.

Finally, the team saw some progress. The second batch of the microbiology samples also showed sign of microbes.

Tonight, we will have the last cultural night, Germany, and the crew commander prepared “Knödel mit Soße” and brought the most famous drink of Germany… “Apfelsaftschorle” which is apple juice with gas, a much-loved drink in Germany besides beer! Also, the crew will experience the Cologne Catherdal with VR glasses.

Anomalies in work: None

Update mouse in hab: no new mouse caught

Weather: sunny light winds

Crew Physical Status: Crew with knee issues is feeling better, some crew members experience worsened sore throats

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