EVA Report – February 14th

Crew 221 EVA Report 14FEB-2020

EVA #14

Author: Rawan Alshammari (Health and Safety Officer)

Purpose of EVA: Taking out robot for further testing and deployment of the crew engineer’s antenna to see how both systems perform in the field. Looking for geological rocks if applicable as secondary purpose.

Start time: 10:55am

End time: 1:20 pm

Narrative: Today we wanted to further test our robot and antenna to see how they perform on different terrain. We were able to set up the antenna successfully, and MOUSIE was ready for deployment. We were headed to the Moons, to send MOUSIE to collect some new samples. The moons were a perfect site to re-test MOUSIE. MOUSIE was able to access rock samples using her little robotic arm again.

Destination: White Moon, Beige Moon.

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 4254800/515700

Participants: Rawan Alshammari (Health and Safety Officer), Maria Grulich (Commander).

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Drove along Cow Dung Road (0110) and parked to walk Brahe Highway (1572) and Brahe Highway (1575)

Mode of travel: Driving and Walking

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