EVA Report – February 19th

Crew 222 EVA Report 19-02-2020
EVA # 3
Author: Bleuenn ROIRON (GHO)
Purpose of EVA: Change batteries of LOAC and MegaAres, and then first
exploration for the crew 222
Start time: 9:04 AM
End time: 11:07 AM
Narrative: First, we went out to check all the rovers and the water. We
moved then in teams of two to our experience site to change
batteries and check the data for the MegaAres. Everything went fine so
we moved to URC Northsite and arrived at 9:45 to start our exploration.
All of us were very excited for that. We walked for approximately one
hour bewteen URC Northsite and North Ridge. Landscapes were really
differents from those we are used to, especially because of colors, the
ground was red, beige and sometimes almost purple. We climbed a
small hill to have a large overview on what was around us and took a
break on it to really appreciate landscapes. Then we came back to the hab.
Before coming back in it, we had a small check on tunnels. We entered
the station again at 11:07 AM.
Destination: URC Northsite
Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS):4251800/519000
Participants: Bleuenn ROIRON(GHO), Nina SEDBON(crew Scientist), Nicolas
BOURDEAUD(HSO), Valentin PRUDHOMME(crew engineer)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road
Mode of travel: Rovers : Spirit & Deimos

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