Science Report – February 21st


Crew 222 Science Report

Author : Nina SEDBON

Title : How experiments are going

– LOAC : Everything works just fine. We just took the LOAC back for the next day (or days ?) because of the rain expected. We are sending the first results tomorrow.

– MegaAres : We sent the first measures and it is coherent. That is a good start.

– Music for Plants : GreenHab officer prepared the gelatin boxes for the experiment and planted the seeds. We divided the boxes into three samples : with stimulating music, with inhibiting music, without music. Because of the temperature, we will have to put the boxes in the Science Dome.

– AeroSpring : The roots starts sprouting out of the moss, it is very exciting ! We also put the same seeds into plastic boxes in order to make a comparison with gelatin based garden and moss garden. We found out that the GreenHab was actually to hot for the gelatin to solidify. We have to put them in the Science Dome.

– The LCVG : All the fixing are almost done, espcially the sewing ones that took more time than expected.

– Water Consumption : We received the screen. The system works, we are oing to put in place in the next fex days.

– Human Factors: The entire crew takes a lot of pleasures with the experiments. We are actually playing games together. It has a positive impact on the group.

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