Sol Summary – February 29th

Crew 222 Sol Summary Report 29-02-2020
Sol: 13
Summary Title: Martian friendship
Author’s name: Benjamin Auzou
Mission Status: Crew transition with Crew 223

Sol Activity Summary: We woke up at 5:30 am and enjoyed the sunrise from
Hab Ridge. Then we headed to Loa to get the HabCar back. On our way
back, we met the crew 223 in Hanksville. That was an intensoe and joyful
moment to see our friends, seven people we prepared this mission with !
Then we spend the afternoon getting water for the tanks and explaining
each member the keys of his role. We will enjoy all a burger together
tonight, our first Earth food, and their last !

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we will leave the campus very early, and we
wish a very good mission to our friends of crew 223.

Anomalies in work: none
Weather: cloudy and warm
Crew Physical Status: all members safe and sound
EVA: none
Reports to be filed: Journalist report, Operations report, GreenHab
Report, Astronomy Report, Photos Report, Photo
of the day, Mission Checklist
Support Requested: nothing to report

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