Sol Summary – March 1st

Crew 223 Sol Summary Report 01-March-2020

Sol: 0 Summary Title: Starting up with little troubles

Author’s name: Aurélien Mure – Crew Commander

Mission Status: Crew 223 ready to go on Sim

Sol Activity Summary:

Both crews woke up at 6:00 am. 222 left at 7:00, it was a strange feeling to let our friends go after having spent a single night with them. We could have talked for hours!

Valentin and I started to empty the transportation tank into the Greenhab tank with issues with pipes. The rest of the crew prepared the breakfast.

At 8:00 we were finally ready for our first sports session. It was a real pleasure to share this first crew moment and a good way to get in a good shape before the beginning of the sim.

To continue the morning Florian and I went to the LOAC and the MegaAres to change the batteries. It was an opportunity to train Florian to the LOAC procedure.

Meanwhile, Marion and Valentin went to the Hollow Mountain gas station to fill up the transportation tank. They had trouble with the tank of the Habcar but they fixed it with a little delay.

After having lunch we have been through the training from the director about the rules and the sim. We went outside to be trained to the rover and the ATV’s.

Before closing the door and beginning the sim, it is a tradition in Supaero crews to have a sincere discussion about concerns and expectations for the mission. It was a strong team-building moment.
5:45 pm: The door is closed, the MDRS pressurized, the crew ready.

The crew has started to write down reports and Valentin worked in the Greenhab to harvest some lettuce.

Look Ahead Plan:

Tomorrow will be our first day on Sim, we will go on EVA in the morning if the weather allows it.
The EVA will be focused on familiarizing the crew to the protocols and to the routine of battery replacement for the LOAC and MegaAres.

Anomalies in work: Habcar gas tank cap broken
Weather: Cloudy in the morning, about 11°C then windy (up to 14m/s) and sunny at sunset.

Crew Physical Status: All crew members safe and sound


Reports to be filed: Journalist Report, Operations Report, EVA Request, Green Hab report, Crew Bios

Mission plan and Food inventory will be sent tonight or tomorrow depending on how fast we write it down.

Support Requested: None

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