EVA Report – March 2nd

Crew 223 EVA Report 02-03-2020
EVA # 2
Author: Aurélien Mure (Commander) and Blandine Gorce (XO)
Purpose of EVA: Change batteries of LOAC and MegaAres, and then first exploration for the crew 223
Start time: 9:14 AM
End time: 10:57 AM
Narrative: First, we went out to check all the rovers and the water in teams of two. We took then the two rovers to go on our experiments site to change
batteries. Everything went fine so we moved a few meters to go to our site of exploration: the Marble’s Ritual. We arrived there at 09:43 to start our exploration, Curiosity was at 96% of charge, and Deimos was at 100%.
All of us were very excited for that. We walked for approximately one hour between Marble’s Ritual and Phobo’s Peak. Landscapes were really beautiful and we were amazed to see so many different types and rocks. We walked around to appreciate the landscape. Then we came back to the hab around 10:45. We entered the airlock again at 10:52 AM for our 5 minutes pressurization.
Destination: Marble’s Ritual
Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS):4250800/518500, 4251750/518700 Participants: Team red: Aurélien Mure (Commander), Clément Plagne (Journalist), Team Blue: Luc Fortin (Engineer), Blandine Gorce (HSO) Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Entrance Road, Cow Dung Road Mode of travel: Rovers : Curiosity & Deimos

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