Astronomy Report – March 4th

Crew 223 Astronomy Report Mar 04 2020

Name: Florian Delpech
Crew: 223
Date: 3/4/2020

Robotic Telescope Requested (choose one) MDRS-14

Objects to be Imaged this Evening: Same as yesterday : IC 342 ; NGC 2775; NGC 4449 ; NGC 4254 ; NGC 4125 ; NGC 3338 ; NGC 2683 ; M100 ; NGC 6503; NGC 5248 ; NGC 4038. This is part of the research project aiming at observing about 30 galaxies per week to try to find a supernovae.

Images submitted with this report: A picture of M81.

Problems Encountered: When I wanted to calibrate images with AstroImageJ for M81 and IC1805, I used calibration files (MDRS-WF_mbias, MDRS-WF_mdark, etc.) taken from Skynet on March, 3rd. However, when I launched CCD Data Processor, the following error message appeared : "Fileinfo parameter error. Offset + image size > file length".

To solve the problem, I took calibration files from a previous observation (a week ago) and it worked. So maybe the calibration files from yesterday were too heavy.

Also, I don’t know if it is linked but the image with Halpha filter for both objects was very noised and so unusable.


Solar Features Observed: N/A

Images submitted with this report: N/A

Problems Encountered: N/A

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