Science Report – March 4th

Research report 4 March 2020
Crew 223
Submitted by Crew Scientist Marion Lebrun

1. LOAC and Weather Station:
Everything is working as it should. SOL 0 was very windy and both experiments remained standing. Therefore, with the strong gusts of wind, the collected data should be interesting to analyse.

2. MegaARES:
Everything is working as it should. We have collected a first round of data; we have now 2.4Gb of Earth electric field data which is very satisfying.

3. Solar oven:
The oven is built (still in the Hab) and last night Florian downloaded the programs needed for the sensors. The sensors need to be tested before setting the oven on Mars.

4. BackPack and LCVG:
Nothing to report.

5. Foreign languages (Human Factors):
3 pairs have been formed : Aurélien and Florian speaking Spanish, Blandine and Clément speaking English, Valentin and Luc speaking German. Although speaking in a foreign language might have been disturbing at first for some of the crew members, after 2 days of experiment (SOL 1 and SOL 2), progress is definitely noticeable. Communication is clearly improving between the two members of each team; it was more efficient on SOL 2 day and the teams managed to build assemble more parts of LEGO than they did on SOL 1 – which is very encouraging.

6. Group collaboration (Human Factors):
Nothing to report.

7. Crew members’ individual planning display:
Blandine and Marion have decided what needs to be displayed: a dynamic schedule of the current sol, a window with Mission Support email refreshed every hour, the sport schedule for every member of the crew, and the available Internet data remaining. Blandine and Marion are
finishing their training on html before starting to actually code the app.

8. Relaxation and positive psychology (Human Factor):
Relaxation seems to have a greater impact on our crew than it had on Crew 222. As for positive psychology, the technique seems to be strengthening our crew’s cohesion.

9. Music for plants (GreenHab):
It is very hard to grow seeds in vitro since the atmosphere is too dry. This is why Crew 222 GreenHab Officer failed to grow her seeds in gelatin and why Valentin also failed to grow his on humidified paper towel. Valentin has thus decided to test his musical protocol on existing radish of the GreenHab growing in the ground.

10. Spirulina growth (GreenHab):
Everything is working as it should. We have already eaten a few grams of spirulina and made a banana and spirulina smoothie. We are now studying the impact of the type of fertilizer on the spirulina growth.

11. Aerospring (GreenHab):
Nothing to report.

12. Water consumption monitoring:
Nothing to report.

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