EVA Report – March 9th

Crew 223 EVA Report 09-03-2020

EVA # 8

Author: Florian Delpech (Astronomer)

Purpose of EVA: Changing the batteries for MegaARES and LOAC. Exploring Copernicus Hwy

Start time: 08:52 AM

End time: 12:00 PM

Narrative: This EVA was aimed to change the batteries of LOAC and MegaARES and to explore Copernicus. We did not manage to start the Honda and the ATV 1 so we took Perseverance and two ATVs. We lost time because we went the wrong way two times but we finally arrived at our destination. The places were very beautiful to explore and everyone came back safe.

Destination: MegaARES and LOAC base as well as Copernicus Hwy 1574

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 12S0518494-4250679 and 12S0516200-4255000.

EVA Participants: Florian Delpech (EVA Leader, Astronomer), Blandine Gorce

(Health and Safety Officer), Luc Fortin (Engineer), Valentin Bellemin-Laponnaz (GreenHab Officer)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road, Brahe Hwy 1575, Copernicus Hwy 1574

Mode of travel: Driving (2 ATVs and 1 rover) and walking

Vehicles used (If applicable): ATVs 1, 2 and Perseverance

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