EVA Report – April 13th

Crew 245 EVA Report 13-04-2021

EVA #2

Author: Shravan Hariharan, Crew Engineer

Purpose of EVA: Practice EVA to Pooh’s Corner, Round 2

Start time: 1100

End time: 1200

Narrative: Immediately after the first EVA Crew returned to the Habitat, it was time for the remaining three crew members to embark on their practice EVA! After discussing lessons learned with the initial EVA crew, the Commander, Crew Engineer, and Crew Botanist all suited up and embarked on EVA. The main goal of this Practice EVA was to formalize EVA protocols, including a medical check by the HSO prior to departure, and an order in which Crew Members should get ready for EVA. Upon arrival at Pooh’s Corner, the Crew practiced their Emergency Shelter Identification procedure – the first shelter was named the Dusty Ditch! After identification of the first shelter, both the Commander and Crew Engineer’s communications systems failed – the batteries of the radios were too low. At that point, it was determined that continuing on EVA was too dangerous, so the Crew Botanist communicated with the Hab, and led the crew back to the Habitat using hand signals. The Crew Commander is currently working on standardizing hand signals in case we have future communications failures. We have learned how to test the batteries prior to departing on EVA, so we are thankful that we were able to experience this failure and learn from it!

Destination: Pooh’s Corner

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 12 S 0518875, UTM 4251175

Participants: Commander, Crew Engineer, Crew Botanist

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Habitat to Entrance Road, left on Cow Dung Road, destination on right in ~0.5 km

Mode of travel: 1 Rover, 1 ATV

Shravan Hariharan, Crew Engineer
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