EVA Report – April 13th

Crew 245 EVA Report 13-04-2021

EVA #1

Author: Shravan Hariharan, Crew Engineer

Purpose of EVA: Practice EVA to Pooh’s Corner,

Start time: 0900

End time: 1030

Narrative: The three crew members were all extremely excited to participate in their first EVA, and take our first steps on Mars! First words were “We go to Mars together!” from our Executive Officer. The ATV started with a minor amount of choke and the rover worked flawlessly; the ride to Pooh’s Corner was relatively quick. XO observed that riding in the ATV with the two-piece suit could be uncomfortable. The MDRS map was accidentally left in the Habitat, so the remaining Crew Members in the Hab provided verbal navigation. Crew Scientist brought the crew to a location for soil sampling, and the three EVA members took photos and videos of each other to document the occasion. Three samples were collected while practicing the techniques and training one another, although the soil was rockier than expected. After taking some additional photos, the EVA crew drove back to the Habitat. Brief issues such as the Rover being left in “Forward” were quickly resolved, and the Crew returned to the Habitat. We are grateful to the Director for suggesting this practice EVA, as we were able to successfully practice our EVA protocols and operations, such as donning and doffing the suits, collecting supplies, and communicating as a team.

Destination: Pooh’s Corner

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 12 S 0518875, UTM 4251175

Participants: Executive Officer, Crew Scientist, Health and Safety Officer

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Habitat to Entrance Road, left on Cow Dung Road, destination on right in ~0.5 km

Mode of travel: 1 Rover, 1 ATV

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