Crew 245 GreenHab Report April 16th

Crew 245 GreenHab Report 04-16-2021

GreenHab Officer: none, report written by Crew Scientist Olivia Ettlin

Environmental control: heater is kept on all day at 65 degrees.

Average temperatures: heat kept to 65 degrees, daily temperatures higher due to sunlight.

Hours of supplemental light: 0 hours

Daily water usage for crops: none

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: add 500 mL to hydroponics garden daily, ½ gallon added to regolith feasibility experiment

Water in Blue Tank _____ gallons: 0 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops: watering regolith experiment in the morning at approx. 10am and adding water to hydroponics garden in the evening at approx. 7pm.

Changes to crops: no crops to maintain

Narrative: The soil in the regolith feasibility experiment is slightly drier than expected. Crew Botanist is monitoring seeds carefully to determine whether it’s too hot in the GreenHab during the day. It’s also possible that more water will need to be added to maintain desired moisture.

The Crew Scientist sealed the leaks in the hydroponics garden and is happy to report that the only water lost by this experiment will be due to evaporation. The tomato cuttings that were wilting yesterday were determined to be completely unsalvageable. Today, we re-started the tomato plant aspect of the hydroponics experiment using rooted tomato cuttings from the same plants. So the growth of these plants will be a day behind the green onions. The Crew Scientist moved the hydroponic garden to the ground floor of the main Hab hopefully to remedy the effects of the extreme heat in the GreenHab.

Harvest: none

Support/supplies needed: none at this time.

-Olivia Ettlin
Red Planet People – MDRS Crew 245 "Team Patamars"

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