Sol Summary – April 18th

Crew 245 Sol Summary Report 18-04-2021

Sol: 8

Summary Title: A Sol in the Life

Author’s name: Shayna Hume

Mission Status: Executive Officer

Sol Activity Summary:

· 08:00-09:30: Pancakes with music while getting ready for EVA’s.

· 09:30-10:30: EVA Checklist and moving into airlock.

· 10:35: Finish 5 minutes in airlock and EVA Crew #2 began EVA.

· 10:35-13:30: Crew #1 out on EVA.

· 13:30-14:00: Crew debrief.

· 14:00-15:30: Lunch and discussion over lessons learnt so far from analog astronaut missions.

· 15:30-17:30: Science and misc.

· 17:30-18:30: Cooking and recording making pizza!

· 18:30 on: Time off of working on mission items! This is our Friday since tomorrow is a day off of EVA’s and entirely to science.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow no EVA’s, but instead a focus on science and life in the hab!

Anomalies in work: None.

Weather: Nominal.

Crew Physical Status: No issues.

EVA: EVA #8. Report incoming.

Reports to be filed: Operations Report, EVA Report

Support Requested: n/a

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