Journalist Report – December 22nd

Journalist Report
Ben Durkee, Crew 236 Journalist

Sol 03

I did not breach my cocoon like a beautiful butterfly this morning as I had hoped. It was more akin to a greasy, groggy Swamp Thing emerging from a haphazard pile of winter jackets and dirty laundry. But I was warm!

We rose early this morning, in tandem with the sun. Honestly, I don’t know how that thing does it day in and day out. If it weren’t for the dulcet tones of "Ra-Ra Rasputin" pumping us up, I’d probably have stayed in my grease grotto all day.

After wiping the lingering sleep from our eyes and throwing together some cereal, we propelled ourselves into EVA prep.

The plan: myself, Tyler, Cesare, and Pavi were to head farther south than we’ve ever been, past Kissing Camel Ridge all the way to a place called Beranca Butte. Our goal was to find a good spot for Tyler’s thermal analysis research and to survey for any geologically interesting minerals along the way for Cesare. He had his eye set on Hematite.

"But did things go according to plan?" I hear you ask. They hardly ever do. And please don’t interrupt.

We entered the airlock for the first time, began pressurizing, and realized Pavi’s mic wasn’t picking up any audio. An inaudible engineer is no good in a pinch! So, we repressurize, troubleshoot, fix, and enter the airlock once again. A few games of rock, paper, scissors later and we officially made it out of the Habitat.

Two to each rover, we saddled up and hit the road, past mountains and molehills, and Mesozoic masterpieces. We made it about 5 minutes down the road and began experiencing some radio interference so intense that we had to pull over.

After a roadside game of whodunit and a good old-fashioned diagnosis sesh, it turned out my headset had some sort of anomaly that was causing it to constantly transmit, completely gumming up our comms and making communication impossible. In effect, it also gave me an uncontestable soapbox, but I realized too late and I’ll regret that to my dying breath.

We had to turn around and ultimately scrub the EVA due to the time that had elapsed sorting all of this out. Our temporary solution was for me to disconnect my headset and hear their communications by cranking the radio speaker and holding it up to my helmet. It worked! But part of me wishes it hadn’t.

I swear there was a twinkle in Cesare’s eye as it dawned on him that I was alone with the void and had to listen to those knuckleheads the whole ride back and the whole repressurization cycle. A fate I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Which is now him.

Fortunately, when we returned we were greeted with fresh bread, courtesy of Vladimir! We’ll tackle the same EVA plan tomorrow – this time with far more thorough radio check procedures. We filled the remainder of the EVA slot and then the remainder of the day with personal research time.

For dinner, Tyler and I experimented with combining some fresh herbs, leftover lentils, and dehydrated food into a rice-based amalgamation we called "Jambalaya." It was very much not that. But we all drowned it in seasoning and the crew pretended it was edible, which I appreciated. I foresee a lot more Frankenfoods in the future.

Until then, I’ll recede into my grimy goblin grotto and await more grub.

EVA Report – December 22nd

Crew 236 EVA Report 22-Dec-2021

EVA #3

Author: Cesare Guariniello, XO/HSO Crew 236

Start time: 9.41 AM
End time: 10.28 PM

Narrative: The team first entered the airlock at 9.41. During depressurization, one crew member experienced a problem with the microphone, and after 3 minutes of repressurization the crew came back into the Hab to fix the problem. After the second depressurization, the EVA crew boarded the vehicles and headed south.

About 10 minutes into the drive, loud static was heard in the communication channel. The EVA crew stopped at the side of the road to troubleshoot the problem. XO assessed the radios and found that one radio was stuck in transmission mode (TX), thus preventing one EVA crew member from receiving communication. Switching a radio showed that the issue was in the earpiece, possibly the cable (since the earpiece does not have a vox setting).

As per EVA rules, for reasons of safety, the EVA was aborted due to one crew member has lost communication. The EVA crew returned to the Hab immediately, with no further anomalies.

Destination: Around Baranca Butte (INTENDED)

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): N4247200, W519000

Participants: Cesare (XO), Tyler (SCI), Ben (JOU), Pavi (ENG)

Road(s) and routes as per MDRS Map: from the Hab south on Cow Dung Road, west towards Baranca Butte (region J)

Mode of travel: Driving and walking

Vehicles used: Curiosity and Opportunity

Greenhab Report – December 22nd

GreenHab Officer: Vladimir Zeltsman

Environmental Control: Around 17% Humidity

Average Temperatures: 78 degrees

Hours of Supplemental Light: 7 hours

Daily Water Usage For Crops: 10 gallons

Daily Water Usage For Research and/or Other Purposes: None

Water In Blue Tank: 222 Gallons

Times of watering for crops: 8:00 am

Changes to Crops: None

Narrative: None

Harvest: 17g Green Onion, 3g Parsley, 1g Sage, 1g Thai Hot Peppers

Support/supplies needed: None

Research Report – December 22nd

Crew 236 Astronomy Report Dec 22 2021

Name: Dylan Dilger
Crew: 236
Date: 12/22/2021


Robotic Telescope Requested: Montana Learning Center

Objects Viewed: NGC 2244 (Rosette Nebula), also enhanced the M1 crab nebula picture from yesterday now that Lum and Halpha data files have been downloaded. This picture is attached.

Problems Encountered: Is there any update on the MDRS observatory?


Solar Features Observed: None

Problems Encountered: Still troubleshooting observatory dome controls, communicating with Astronomy Team about this.

Operations Report – December 22nd

Crew 236 Operations Report 22Dec2021

SOL: 3

Name of person filing report: Pavithra Ravi

Non-nominal systems: Suits and Radios — a headpiece is malfunctioning

Notes on non-nominal systems: One of the headsets is malfunctioning. It keeps transmitting even when the earpiece button is not pressed, resulting in loud interference. It was verified that the issue is with the headset and not the radio (the issue persisted when the radio was swapped out).


Hours run: 13 hours 18 minutes

From what time last night: 18:27

To what time this morning: 07:45

List any additional daytime hours when the generator was run: None

Solar— SOC % (Before generator is run at night): Information provided by Outpost

Station Propane Reading – % Information provided by Outpost

Ethanol Free Gasoline: Not in use

Water (loft tank): 54 gallons

Water Meter: 1539651 units

Water (static tank): approx. 370 gallons

Static to Loft Pump used: Yes. The loft tank was refilled from 12.5 to 54 gallons.

Water in GreenHab: approx. 222 gallons

Water in ScienceDome: N/A

Toilet tank emptied: No

Deimos rover used: No

Hours: N/A

Beginning charge: N/A

Ending charge: N/A

Currently charging: N/A

Sojourner rover used: ASSIGNED TO DIRECTOR

Hours: N/A

Beginning charge: N/A

Ending charge: N/A

Currently charging: N/A

Spirit rover used: No

Hours (before EVA 1): N/A

Beginning charge (Before EVA 1): N/A

Ending charge (On return from EVA 1, before recharging): N/A

Hours (before EVA 2): N/A

Beginning charge (Before EVA 2): N/A

Ending charge (On return from EVA 2, before recharging): N/A

Currently charging: Yes

Opportunity rover used: Yes

Hours: 76.4

Beginning charge: 100%

Ending charge: 99%

Currently charging: Yes

Curiosity rover used: Yes

Hours: 154.9

Beginning charge: 100%

Ending charge: 100%

Currently charging: Yes

Notes on rovers: None

ATV’s Used (Honda, 300, 350.1, 350.2, 350.3): None

Reason for use: N/A

Oil Added? N/A

ATV Fuel Used: N/A

# Hours the ATVs were used today: N/A

Notes on ATVs: N/A

HabCar used and why, where? No

CrewCar used and why, where? No

General notes and comments: None

Summary of internet: Nominal

Summary of suits and radios: One of the headsets is malfunctioning. It keeps transmitting even when the earpiece button is not pressed, resulting in loud interference. It was verified that the issue is with the headset and not the radio (the issue persisted when the radio was swapped out).

Summary of Hab operations: Nominal

Summary of GreenHab operations: Nominal

Summary of ScienceDome operations: Nominal

Summary of RAM operations: Nominal

Summary of any observatory issues: In correspondence with the
astronomy support team.

Summary of health and safety issues: Nominal

Questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support:

The heater filter was changed today. Should the old filter be added to the non-burnables, or be placed in the back airlock for removal?

Any suggestions on how to fix the earpiece? If it is not fixable,
could a new earpiece be provided so each crew member can have their own?

Sol Summary – December 22nd

Crew 236 Sol Summary Report 22-DEC-2021

Sol: 3

Summary Title: Naps on Mars?

Author’s name: Kasey Hilton

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Life on Mars? *Cue David Bowie* We don’t know. Naps on Mars? Absolutely. The crew had an early wake-up and a quick breakfast before heading out to on EVA.

Due to a malfunction in comms, the EVA was cut short. The afternoon was spent relaxing and recharging, with 5 out of the 7 crew members taking naps. A bit of work was squeezed in before ending the evening with jambalaya and card games.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow, Cesare (XO), Ben (JOU), Tyler (SCI), and Pavi (ENG) will go on a second EVA. The remaining crew members will stay at the Hab and continue to work on research and outreach.

Weather: Partly overcast, temperature in the 30s.

Crew Physical Status: A resounding “WOOHOO!” followed by a few thumbs up from the crew. Everyone is still in good health and spirits.

EVA: Today’s EVA ended earlier than planned due to a radio malfunction that caused a crew member to lose comms. Tomorrow the same EVA will be attempted again in order to complete the desired research.

Reports to be filed: Operations Report, GreenHab Report, EVA Request, EVA Report, Health and Safety Report, Sol Summary, and Journalist Report (with photos), Astronomy Report

Support Requested: Any information about the James Webb launch would be great (if it’s been delayed further, when is the launch scheduled for, etc.)

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