EVA Report – December 22nd

Crew 236 EVA Report 22-Dec-2021

EVA #3

Author: Cesare Guariniello, XO/HSO Crew 236

Start time: 9.41 AM
End time: 10.28 PM

Narrative: The team first entered the airlock at 9.41. During depressurization, one crew member experienced a problem with the microphone, and after 3 minutes of repressurization the crew came back into the Hab to fix the problem. After the second depressurization, the EVA crew boarded the vehicles and headed south.

About 10 minutes into the drive, loud static was heard in the communication channel. The EVA crew stopped at the side of the road to troubleshoot the problem. XO assessed the radios and found that one radio was stuck in transmission mode (TX), thus preventing one EVA crew member from receiving communication. Switching a radio showed that the issue was in the earpiece, possibly the cable (since the earpiece does not have a vox setting).

As per EVA rules, for reasons of safety, the EVA was aborted due to one crew member has lost communication. The EVA crew returned to the Hab immediately, with no further anomalies.

Destination: Around Baranca Butte (INTENDED)

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): N4247200, W519000

Participants: Cesare (XO), Tyler (SCI), Ben (JOU), Pavi (ENG)

Road(s) and routes as per MDRS Map: from the Hab south on Cow Dung Road, west towards Baranca Butte (region J)

Mode of travel: Driving and walking

Vehicles used: Curiosity and Opportunity

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