Sol Summary – December 26th

Crew 236 Sol Summary Report 26-DEC-2021

Sol: 7

Summary Title: Windy Afternoon on Mars

Author’s name: Kasey Hilton

Mission Status: Break of sim this morning when the wind blew open the front airlock door and some of the crew members attempted to close it. Everything else is nominal.

Sol Activity Summary: We awoke this morning to the sound of the wind blowing outside the Hab and listened to it sing us the song of its people during the pancake breakfast prepared by Dylan (ASTRO/DB) and Cesare (XO). The crew quickly started preparing for EVA when the wind kicked it up a notch, the clouds rolled in, and a sprinkle of graupel started to fall. It had been 15 minutes of utter chaos when the clouds pulled back, the graupel stopped falling and the wind quieted down (just a little). With the winds remaining higher than predicted, the EVA was cancelled. But you know what they say, Martian boys make do. Another afternoon around the Hab, playing a Russian card game named Durak, finishing up books, and working on research and outreach projects. The night ended with some hot soup and finally getting around to watching Shrek (…maybe).

Look Ahead Plan: EVA scheduled for tomorrow morning. The remaining crew at the Hab will have free time and continue to work on personal research and outreach projects. With an early EVA start, I’m sure there will be some naps sprinkled in too.

Anomalies in work: No anomalies in work

Weather: Extremely windy with temperatures in the 40s

Crew Physical Status: Nominal

EVA: EVA was scheduled for this afternoon but cancelled due to high winds. Same EVA is rescheduled for tomorrow.

Reports to be filed: Operations Report, GreenHab Report, EVA Report, EVA Request, Health and Safety Report, Sol Summary, Science Report and Journalist Report (with photos)

Support Requested: None

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