EVA Report – December 27th

Crew 236 EVA Report 27-DEC-2021

EVA # 8

Author: Kasey Hilton

Purpose of EVA: Collection of samples from region D and Mancos Shales from Copernicus Hwy for analysis of water content and analog for rocks found in Gale Crater

Start time: 9:00

End time: 13:00

Narrative: EVA prep started around 8:30 and the group going on EVA was in the airlock at 9:02. Shortly after, the two pairs climbed in Spirit and Curiosity and headed towards region D using Cow Dung Rd and Brahe Hwy. About 30 minutes later, the group reached the moon overlook (region D) and parked the rovers to start walking down Copernicus Hwy in search of gypsum and Mancos shale. At the intersection of Brahe Hwy and Copernicus Hwy, the group found multiple samples of gypsum. Further down Copernicus Hwy and closer to the boundary walls, the group found samples of Mancos shales. Cesare (XO) was particularly excited about the mancos shale because he had been trying to find some for the last four years without any luck. The group turned around and walked back along Copernicus Hwy until they reached the rovers. They arrived back at the Hab at 11:46, happy that the research objectives they set out to accomplish had been achieved.

Destination: Region D and the Morrison and Mancos Shale boundary on Copernicus (2 stops)

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): N4254000, W515575

Participants: Kasey (CMD), Cesare (XO), Dylan (ASTRO), Pavi (ENG)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Rd north to Brahe Hwy, Brahe Hwy west to Copernicus Hwy, south on Copernicus Hwy

Mode of travel: Driving to the west side of Region D and walking down Copernicus Hwy

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