EVA Report – January 24th

Crew 226 EVA Report 24-01-2022

EVA # 6

Author: Felipe Torres, Crew Scientist

Purpose of EVA: On-site test of 3D imaging to build a structure from motion and obtain a 3D image of some objects in the zone. This EVA will mainly be guided by our crew engineer which has a project about 3D imaging.

Start time: 10:00 am

End time: 11:40 am

Narrative: We headed south through Cow Dung Road, where we found Kissing Camel Ridges. It was pretty straightforward to find the location as the two rocky ridges join and almost touch each other.

First thing we started doing was analyzing which object we would build a 3D image from. We chose an interesting rock; we proceeded to take photos of the rock to then join them using a structure from motion method.

Then we used one of the crew members as a model to build the 3D image. This was a little more complicated and results weren’t as good as photographing a static object.

Finally, we took photos of a small hill, going all around. We took around 50 photos and for the post processing we will join these photos to build a 3D image.

We finished our EVA purpose earlier than expected so at around 11:25 am we headed back to the Hab.

It is also to note that we saw some contamination in this area, as if it was previously used as a shooting range since we found some type of shotgun pellets and some aluminum cans.

Overall it was a good EVA. Rovers worked nominally, and we had no battery issues as we’ve been driving them appropriately.

Destination: Kissing Camel Ridge East

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 518500, 4249250

Participants: Cristian Acosta, Carlos Salazar, Felipe Torres

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: MDRS entrance road, Cow Dung Road, by foot

Mode of travel: Rover (Spirit, Curiosity)

Felipe Torres,
Crew Scientist.

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