Jornalist Report- January 24th

Today I woke up at 7:30 am, saluted all the other crewmembers and made breakfast. The menu: scrambled eggs with rice pudding. It was pretty good! Everybody ate it!

Then, we needed to get ready for the EVA I requested. I needed some photos for my project and we decided that I would be accompanied by Cristian and Felipe to Kissing Camel. We put on our overalls, boots, radios, spacesuits, and we picked up some maps in addition to the mousetrap containing a little friend that was captured last night (another day another mouse) and the cameras I needed to take my samples.

We left at 10:00 am and traveled to our destination using the rovers. Kissing Camel is a location that you can identify easily so we didn’t lose any time finding it. After we stepped out of the rovers, we released the mouse and he left in a grumpy mood… back to the hab. I then started taking pictures of some rocks, Felipe sitting on a rock, a formation that looked like a dome, the surrounding view and some other random objects we found at the site. The purpose of the EVA was completed and we got back to the Hab.

We were received by María Paula and Commander Yael with some fruit. We rested for a while and we made lunch. It was lasagna with vegetables and tuna. Commander Yael made some bread too! But it took some time to be ready.

After lunch, we started showing Cristian some locations of Bogotá such as the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Felipe’s former Apartment, Nymhouse, and some other interesting places.

María Paula harvested some vegetables from the Greenhab, and that’s everything I have to say about SOL 7.

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