Commander Report – March 30th

Crew 227 Commander Report 30th March 2022
SOL: 3
Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Sunny day today!

As usual, our day started at 8h00 with breakfast. This time we had breakfast with frosted flakes and dry milk. It was hard for the team to take only one cup of it. At the same time, Julien gave a look at the data of the polysomnographs taken during the night. Apparently, I snored 1453 times during the night. Hopefully, for my crew, I am isolated in my commander’s bedroom.

Around 09h00, we took some pictures of the team and other ones for some of our sponsors.

Between 11h00 and 12h00, Julie created a third crisis situation. This time, it was Julien and Audrey against Ignacio and me. Ignacio did really a great job there! On the other side, Julien was a bit disappointed with his result. One more point for the engineering team!!

At 12h, we had lunch. We ate some beans, peppers, tomatoes, carrots with some bread. This time the flour of the bread was replaced in part with flour of worms. The visual was identical to a classic bread and I have to say that the taste was quite similar as well. Everyone on the team appreciated it!

Between 13h00 and 16h00, Julien, Jean, Julie, Ignacio, and Audrey went out for an EVA. They started to work on my antenna in front of the science dome so I was able to guide them. They did an amazing job and I thank them so much for that! Then, they went around North Bridge to do some exploration and to place some samples for Audrey’s experiment.
During that time, Cheyenne, Sirga, and I worked on our personal experiment.

At 17h00, we gave a look at the pictures taken by the EVA crew of the day. It is just amazing how pretty is our Martian environment!

Around 18h00, we worked on our reports as well as on our own experiments.

Tonight, we plan to eat some potatoes with the rest of the vegetables and to play some board games.

This is it for today.

Martianly yours,
Tharsis commander

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