Journalist Report – March 30th

Crew 227 Journalist Report 30th March 2022
Sol: 3
Name of the person filing the report: Sirga Drouet
Sol 3 of the Tharsis mission!

Yesterday evening was a big tortilla feast thanks to Julien and Julie, the Juju, a small dedication to Ignacio for the perfect cooking, we enjoyed ourselves!

That evening we told each other anecdotes of our family trip. Small wink to our close relations: you made us laugh! Between Cheyenne who wanted to dive with her dad and Audrey who made a photo in China with a general of the army! Attention now we know your family secrets hehe! Then again the installation of polysomnographs (thank you CIDELEC), so this morning it was the sausages party in the community.

Everything passes so quickly we do not see the days passed, finally what reminds us of the notion of the time is the meals, especially the dinner which leads us to the moment to go to sleep! We went to bed at 1 am last night and we got up ready to start the day after 6 hours of sleep… Okay we abuse, we promise to try to come back from the mission without looking like aliens (what if we are on Mars? Are we aliens for you? Mmmh I let you choose 😉 ).

After a breakfast, which turned on the subject of the number of petals of cereals which we could put in our bowl per day, the surgical matches took again! Team mechanics against team anatomy for the moment the team mechanics stand out from all the teams! But we have more than one trick up our sleeve, we’ll end up knowing how to repair a fracture! In the end, our primary instinct gathered us around the lunch.

A loaf of good homemade bread with a touch of me to allow us to save flour. Bugs! To my surprise, everyone found the bread delicious! I don’t know if it’s because we are hungry all the time with all the activities or if we are just weird? Anyway, now that everybody likes this bread we’re going to eat it always with crushed flour worms ;-). I present you the brand new dish from the 5-star kitchen of Mars the Bugs’ Bread

And the adventure on the ground of Mars in all that you may ask?!

The 5 lucky ones to go on a mission are Audrey, Ignacio, Julie, Jean, and Julien.

Their mission, change Cyril’s antenna from Spirit and put Audrey’s bacteria in Martian exposure. The poor things are all scorching like crayfish hanging on a stone in front of the science dome. We can say hello to them from the window. For the antenna, the EVA team put the rover in front of the science dome while Cyril showed them exactly what to do. The thin team then left to explore the North Ridge area. RIP me Cyril and Cheyenne who have for super mission of the afternoon, the dishes…

However, being more than three in the station was good for us, it was calmer and after the last few days of being active at 200% without respite, slowing down is necessary for our bodies. This doesn’t mean that we did nothing! I accompanied Cheyenne for her sunshine and temperature measurements around her plants in different parts of the station. It is currently 42 degrees Celsius in the GreenHab (yes, we can use it to put Cheyenne’s seedlings). The time passed quickly and the adventurous team came back with a lot of discoveries to tell.

Small summary by Ignacio: After two days in the Hab this exit was saved, with the sun in the full, the soft sound of the voices on the headphones, according to him this expedition changed him deeply on his perception of the world and of himself. Finally, who is he? Olalala, what a poet! Nah I’m just kidding he’s not that poetic he just found this exit great, I wanted to add some romance but lost with him! Wait Ignacio may not be a poet but he is one hell of a 3D printer genius! Thanks to him we can use our gas stove without risking an explosion! A piece of quality and design, the dream of all gas stoves. Tonight we plan a Belgian dish, Belgian fries yeah!

At the moment we are in full medical visit and apparently, I do not breathe enough… Probably because tomorrow our revenge will sound and that I am super happy. I’m going to EVA with the kids who stayed in the station with me today!

On this, ciao!

See you tomorrow,

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