GreenHab Report March 29th

Crew 227 GreenHab Report 29th March 2022
SOL: 2
Name of person filing report: Cheyenne Chamart

GreenHab Officer: Cheyenne Chamart
Environmental control:
Average temperatures: 74,18 F
Hours of supplemental light: N/A
Daily water usage for crops: N/A
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: N/A
Water in Blue Tank (full – not used) gallons
Time(s) of watering for crops: N/A
Changes to crops: N/A
Narrative: I have used the GreenHab and its tools to prepare my little seeding pots for my own experiment. Only 30 will stay in the GreenHab during our mission, others (60) will be placed in different places of the station. The pots are independent of the installations in the GreenHab, that I will leave like this, to respect the official closure of it.
During midday when the temperature hit 80F and more, I turned on the fan. Sometimes I opened the door, when closing the fan, to keep a good temperature of the environment.
Tonight marks the beginning of my experiment, I will then turn on the GreenHab lights during the night hours.
Harvest: N/A
Support/supplies needed:
1) I don’t know if I need to use the water of the bluer water tank, due to the official closure of the GreenHab ? For this night I will use our own water but let me know which one I have to use for tomorrow.
2) Can you tell me what is the sunset and sunrise hour so I can calibrate the timer?

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