Journalist Report March 29th

Crew 227 Journalist Report 29th March 2022
Sol: 2
Name of the person filling the report : Sirga Drouet

Stormy Day

Good evening dear Earthlings ! Here are the pioneers of Mars.

Last night the atmosphere was wild, so much conversation was going on. We were discussing the organization, our discoveries, our feelings, our needs, in short our new life that has just begun. With all this talk, we were so excited about exploring that we decided to visit a big canyon that we could see on a map made by our predecessors but not yet visited by man ; so we would be the first to walk in this place !!!! Wow you understood it is a super motivating activity!

We then let ourselves be manipulated by the agile hands of Julien to put a polysomnograph on us which analyzes our sleep. Cyril, me, Cheyenne and Ignacio are his "funny guinea pigs" because we look like sausages every night because of a net that we have to put on our head to hold the electrodes. The only thing that woke us up in the middle of the night is the bread machine after judgment, its sentence is to send it to the science dome for sure.

However, with our big dreams of exploration we perhaps forgot the fact that the wind was always present and that this morning by waking up big clouds full of water were waiting for us… Moreover our weather forecast reminded us that going out in EVA was a false good idea because of the risks of showers…
No problem, we are going to go ahead with our planning and to advance in the experiments to realize in the station.

So after a good breakfast in my way, Julie trained us for the theoretical and practical parts on her enriching experience which consists in teaching us how to put an external fixator on an open fracture of the tibia bone.

After putting on a scarf, we were divided into teams of two to play matches between teams to evaluate our speed of learning. In the afternoon the first match started with the team "others" Sirga-Jean against the team "anatomy" Audrey-Julien then Sirga-Jean against Cyril-Ignacio (team "mechanics").

To make a long story short, repairing an open bill on a leg requires good muscular arms, it’s crazy how muscles have strength even on a synthetic leg. I won’t tell you what a mess it was, but in any case, the patients finally died… Oops, it’s not today that we’ll be able to save our astronaut friends in space. Fortunately we have two weeks on Mars to learn and Julie is in great shape to keep us alive in case of problems.

Before his game Cyril calibrated his radar to be able to use it during the next EVAs with his antenna that he put on the Spirit rover yesterday.
Ignacio started to repair some broken objects with his 3D printer, a guaranteed quality part.

On his side Cheyenne spent all day among his plants to put them in pots and start to observe their growths in Martian substrate collected yesterday too.
As I write this I am listening to Troubleman by Electric Guest which makes me think of all the things we are learning, especially through our mistakes and the fact that our morale is at its highest to continue to discover this world.

I would like to mention a detail that happened during the last surgery match : A storm passed over our Hab and the landscape was completely transformed!
It was a mixture of an almost black and threatening sky streaked by lightning and buzzing with thunder, then the sun came to caress the mountains giving them a peaceful face while the storm continued to growl, a strange mixture…
Good news tomorrow it is the good one ! We leave in expedition (except if the storm and the wind decide to turn back). We shall go to deposit the bacteria of Audrey in the desert then we shall go to explore youhouuu!
We can wait for tomorrow and our day filled with sensations calms down little by little. Tonight the bread machine leaves us and that’s better! We will be very happy to be just in the company of our polysomnographers.

See you soon for the continuation of our great epic!

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