Sol Summary – November 6th



Sol: 7

Summary Title: Lazy Sunday on Mars

Author’s name: Laurène Delsupexhe, Crew Engineer

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Our crew woke up at 8:30 am with an extra hour of sleep, thanks to the time change. Laurène made some nice pancakes for breakfast while Paula went to maintain the plants in the GreenHab. The EVA suits were checked: one was working perfectly but the others seemed to have a lower than usual airflow coming from the fans. On the advice of Mission Control, we used a voltmeter to check the batteries: the values were indeed lower than expected for most of them, with one other spacesuit seemingly charged as well as the first one. Therefore, Laurène and Paula used those 2 suits for their EVA, on foot, to explore the region behind the station. Once Mission Support advised coming back to the hab to troubleshoot properly the suits, the crew cut short their EVA and headed back to the station to continue troubleshooting.
Meanwhile, on MDRS’s EVA Suit Support, Cristina and Marta opened up the rest of the spacesuits to troubleshoot them and take proper measurements.
After taking some first values, Marta and Paula prepared lunch. After it, the suit’s voltage was measured again and forwarded to mission control. We then watched a film, measured the batteries again, and started on the reports of the day. Paula then went again to the GreenHab while the rest of us prepared dinner.
Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow, if the troubleshooting’s conclusion is positive, Marta and Laurène will go for an EVA on foot to continue the testing of Dronomy’s robot. Otherwise, the troubleshooting of the spacesuits will go on. In the afternoon, Cristina will test out Braided Communication’s communication system with her partner back in Switzerland.

Anomalies in work: Some of the fans from the EVA suits are not working properly (Very low airflow).

Weather: Sunny, 12°C

Crew Physical Status: Good

EVA: 1

Reports to be filed:
• Sol Summary Report from 6Nov2022
• Commander Report
• GreenHab Report
• Operations Report
• EVAs Reports
• HSO Report
• EVA Request

Support Requested: N/A, thank you Mission Support!

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