Sol Summary – November 8th

Sol: 9

Summary Title: Versatile day

Author’s Name: Laurène Delsupexhe, Crew Engineer

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Our crew woke up at 7:30 am. Paula went to the GreenHab as usual to water the plants and check the temperature and humidity. As we had a bit of time, we played The Mind, a card game we’ve gotten quite addicted to, and today we completed it fully for the first time !
Following that, Paula had her Braided Communications session with a friend of hers. Meanwhile, Cristina and Marta uploaded the data gathered the day before from the Dronomy robot.
After a lunch prepared by Laurène, Paula and Cristina prepared for their EVA with the help of Marta and Laurène. They then left to test the robot and explore the surroundings. Meanwhile, Laurène and Marta did some exercises from the « astronaut selection test book » by ESA astronaut Tim Peake.
After a day’s debrief led by Marta, the crew started working on the reports.

Look ahead plan: Tomorrow is Marta’s birthday ! If the weather allows it, she’ll head off for an EVA after a Braided Communications with her family. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew will analyze the salinity of some soils previously collected in the area.

Anomalies at work: N/A

Weather: Sunny, 18 °C

Crew Physical Status: Good

EVA: 1

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary Report, Commander Report, GreenHab Report, Operations Report, EVAs Reports

Support Requested: None, thank you Mission Support!

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