Commander Report – November 9th

Sol: 10
Summary Title: The commander turns 27 on Mars
Author’s name: Marta Ferran-Marqués, Commander and Crew Scientist
Mission Status: Nominal
Commander Report: Today it was a special day for the commander, as it was her 27th birthday. The crew woke up at 7.30 am, and had pancakes made by Laurene, the pancake-master. Later, Paula went to the GreenHab to water up the crops while Marta had a Braided communication session with her loved one.

The crew gathered together to bake a carrot cake for Marta’s birthday. Later, the crew reviewed the food inventory, continued updating the WoMars website, and did some astronaut training by following Tim Peake’s book.

After cooking ‘falafel’ crepes, the crew had lunch and celebrated Marta’s birthday by singing and eating the cake. Later in the afternoon, the crew played The Mind again, but this time, blind! It is crazy how the crew is now mentally connected. After going to the Science Dome and analyzing the salinity of the rocks collected in the last EVAs, the crew wrote all the reports for mission support and did a workout and stretching training.

Finally, the crew prepared the commander’s favorite dinner – pizza!

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