Commander Report – November 11th

Sol: 12
Summary Title: Last day on Mars
Author’s name: Marta Ferran-Marqués, Commander and Crew Scientist
Mission Status: Nominal
Commander Report: The WoMars crew woke up this morning at 7.30 am. After the commander’s debrief, the crew continued with the cleaning of the RAM, the Science Dome, the GreenHab and the Hab. Then, the crew started packing up and Laurene did her last EVA – an engineering check to the outsides of the Hab. Everything was up and running!

After 2PM, the crew went out of simulation and a special guest guided the crew towards the Overlook for a last Mars exploration trip. The views were amazing, thank you for this last opportunity Mission Support!

After writing the last reports, the crew will finish packing, have dinner and tomorrow they will start their trip back to Earth – time has flown!

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