Mission Summary – November 11th

To summarize this mission is not an easy task : 3 years in the making, 2 times delayed and a last-minute change of crew. After finally making it to the MDRS, WoMars was so thrilled to finally get to work. It was a privilege to be able to test the robot from the Dronomy company : we look forward to seeing the data. We also tested an amazing deep space communication tool that brought us closer to Earth thanks to Braided Communications Ltd. And we self-reflected and shared our daily emotions as part of a sociology research led by Dr. Popovite.
Some mistakes were made, some paths were difficult to find, but finding ourselves surrounded by these red valleys, with nothing else around us but the station in the distance was an absolutely unique, and dare we say, out of this world experience. Our first meal compared to our last clearly demonstrates our ability to learn and adapt to new ways of feeding our bodies : never would we have thought we could enjoy so much freeze-dried food ! The perfect addition to those meals were the occasional harvest our Crew Biologist brought in from the Green Hab. We much appreciated the fresh microgreens and look forward to eating fresh food soon.
The bond we developed, the work we achieved, the regions we explored made this experience worth every hour of work we put in before coming.

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