Sol Summary – November 16th

Sol: 3
Summary Title: Intertribal Space conference
Author’s name: Izabela Shopova
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
We had a late start today giving us an extra hour of sleep in the morning to compensate for the late night, watching the recorded Artemis launch. After breakfast, we completed the first part of the VR First Aid training and our commander supported the Intertribal conference as planned. There were no questions from the conference. The afternoon EVA highlighted some communication issues which we discussed in the debriefing before dinner. Crew scientists collected samples for research and the crew took amazing photos.
Look Ahead Plan: Two EVAs tomorrow as planned and continued work on other projects
Anomalies in work: Radio contact was lost during EVA. The crew on EVA was able to communicate with each other but CapCom couldn’t hear them.
Weather: Cold, sunny and clear.
Crew Physical Status: Good. The crew is making an effort to drink more water and keep hydrated.
EVA: Successful afternoon EVA to White Rock canyon for biological samples collection.
Reports to be filed:
Sol Summary
Operations Report
Commander’s Report
EVA Request
EVA Report
Support Requested: None

Thank you Mission support

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