EVA Report – November 17th

EVA # 4
Author: Izabela Shopova
Purpose of EVA: Return to collect additional biological samples. Additional exploration of sites prospected during EVA #3 on Sol #3.
Start time: 10 AM
End time: 12 PM
Narrative: The crew went to the White Rock Canyon to collect more samples. Comms with CapCom were lost on the way and crew changed to channel 2 for communication between themselves. We set off on foot exploring and noted petrified wood and many types of rock in the area. Crew collected multiple lichen and regolit samples, checked two rock overhangs for life and took photos of the area. Found the expedition route ended back at the vehicles, where the two drivers made a tri-point u-turn and departed on time. Midway we reestablished radio contact with CapCom and returned to the base right on time. Commander Jenni checked the propane level before joining the rest of the crew in the airlock.
Destination: White Rock Canyon
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 520000, 4248000
Participants: CDR, COMM, BIO
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Rd (0110) to White Rock Canyon on Rover
Mode of travel: Rover, Walking (Oppy & Percy)

EVA # 5
Author: Judi Marcos
Purpose of EVA: Collect rocks for use with mechanical anchor prototype. (Note: Later engineering EVAs (Week 2) will use prototype in the field.)
Start time: 2:30 PM
End time: 4:00 PM
Narrative: Second crew decided to do a walking EVA on road 1103, wrapping around on to Hab Ridge. At the beginning of the EVA, the crew did a walk around of the hab for inspection. The hab continues to be in good condition. While on the EVA, we were able to see an amazing view of the land around after hiking to higher ground. We also retrieved a variety of rocks regarding shape and size. These sample rocks will be weighted to test carry capacity.
Destination: Hab Ridge Road North
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518000, 4251000 to 518000, 4250000
Participants: XO, ENGR, HSO
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Walking north from Hab via Sagan Street to Hab Ridge Road North (518000, 4251000), then south along Hab Ridge Road (518000, 4250000). Returning via the same path.
Mode of travel: Walking

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