Sol Summary – November 17th

Summary Title: First harvest
Author’s name: Izabela Shopova
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary: Two EVAs – collecting samples from White Rock Canyon and on-foot orientation expedition near the Hub. In the morning we completed the second session of the First Aid training, the crew engineer repaired the kitchen sink drain, and in the afternoon the crew scientist planted mushrooms and harvested the first batch of microgreens for our dinner salad.
Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we have planned two EVAs back-to-back in the afternoon and will continue working on on-going projects.
Anomalies in work: None
Weather: Clear, sunny and warm for the season.
Crew Physical Status: Nominal.
EVA: Two successful EVAs: Morning EVA with Opportunity and Perseverance to White Rock Canyon; Afternoon EVA on-foot in the area of the Hub.
Reports to be filed:
Commander’s report
EVA report
EVA request
Operations report
Sol Summary report
Support Requested: None
Thank you, Mission support.

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