Commander Report – November 23th

Sol: 10
Summary Title: Early Thanksgiving on Mars
Author’s name: Dr. Jenni Hesterman, Commander
Mission Status: Nominal
Commander Report:

After an evening of training and discussion following our emergency EVA exercise, the crew opted to sleep in an extra hour today. We are Beta testing the Space Labs ABC nutrition app, which won the 2021 National Space Society’s Health and Diet contest. This morning we tried one of their innovative gluten-free recipes and cooked a delicious breakfast porridge with quinoa, coconut milk and honey, topped with reconstituted dehydrated blueberries.

Three crew members drove north to the Gateway to Lith on 4 hour EVA to explore the Special Region. The XO used the drone to preview the region to find the best point of entry. The Biological officer then collected several samples of ice and other specimens throughout the canyon. On the return trip, the XO tested the drone in various locations and varying wind conditions.

The team opted to celebrate Thanksgiving today so they could enjoy leftovers for their remaining two days of the mission. We enjoyed turkey, cranberries, traditional side dishes and an apple pie dessert. The crew talked about the meaning behind the holiday and shared things they are thankful for. We’ll tackle our final EVA tomorrow and conduct a last training session prior to planning for our Saturday departure from Mars.

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