Journalist Report – November 24th

Sol: 11
Title: Adjourning

Author: Izabela Shopova, Crew Journalist

Life on Mars is so fast-paced, we didn’t notice how the days have passed and we are already planning our end of sim.

Sol 11 begins with another long EVA – the Commander and XO are out on an EVA together – for the first and last time. Back in the Hab we provide HabCom support, water plants, sort photos, write in our emotion study journals, clean the kitchen and make plans for our last day here.

Commander and XO return on time, tired from the long walk to the Special region, with additional rock samples and stories about the incredible views they found there. Our scheduled crew training in the afternoon is on the topic of Group development phases. After the Forming, storming, norming and performing stages, inevitably comes the adjourning phase when the crew members feel tired, the momentum of the group slows down, some individuals feel sad, others – relieved and there is a change in the air. We talk in length about the adjourning of our team, acknowledge and celebrate our achievements in this mission, talk about our future plans. To finish the sessions we all take a test on our type of business chemistry and discuss our individual traits and how to use our strengths in business interactions.

As we opted to have Thanksgiving earlier, today is all about snacking on the leftovers from yesterday’s feast, sharing thoughts on what we are grateful for and thinking of the loved ones we miss.

Thank you Mission support and Happy Thanksgiving.

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